Church Brothers Produce

Family Owned & Operated!

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Salinas, CA

Church Brothers Produce

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Why do business with Church Brothers?
  • Great Customer Service
  • Superior Food Safety at Field – & Plant level
  • Top quality produce
  • Competitive Prices
  • Truly vertically integrated
  • One Stop Shop
All of our plant water is also recycled.

Creating a sustainable environment is an on going process and as a locally owned and grown company, we realize the value of nurturing and sustaining the resources we depend on. Sustainability is a part of who we are: Church Brothers does not just think responsibly, we ACT responsibly. 


  • Mini Movie

    Here's a brief overview of Church Brothers and True Leaf Farms operations.
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  • Church Brothers Product

    CEO Steve Church gives a brief history of Church Brothers and the products we offer. Steve explains CB's food safety program and how Church Brothers is able to provide quality product from field to processing.
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    Family Owned & Operated

    Part of the appeal of Church Brothers Produce and True Leaf Farms is not just the commitment to quality and service, but the sense of history and family that prevails throughout the company. The reassuring sense of being part of a family unit and working as a team generates a unified and goal-oriented group, whose whole is greater than its parts.
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    Built For Success

    Church Brothers brings together a group of men with a history in this valley. Not just a history in the Produce Industry, but a history with each other. After all these years of beginnings and ends, they come back together to form Church Brothers. Their partnership has been formed with a mutual respect for one another, a hard work ethic and desire to produce the best product available. It is a true testament to the value of this company, to see the loyalty and shared history of these partners after so many years.
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